Monday, 24 June 2013

The Outside

Today was my first day at the kindergarten! Although I loved the orientation week I was ready for the volunteering. In true volunteering style everything was a bit of a confusing mess. Our car came to pick us up over an hour before we'd been told so the poor kids got quite a smelly Lottie today. When we arrived at the school all the kids ran into the kindergarten room ready for the lesson.

First, we got them to all make name tags for themselves which they decorated with stars, flowers and other pretty things (even the boys). We then took them outside and had them stand in a circle and we played a ball game which helped them to practice introducing themselves. At break Becky got out her bubbles that she'd brought from home and started blowing them. The kids went CRAZY for them. They were climbing over each other, screaming and jumping in the air to try and catch them. It was so lovely to see them so happy.

After break we went through basic classroom commands like look, listen, quiet so that they understand when we say them and know what to do. We played a simon says type game with them to help them learn what action went with each word. To finish off we just let them try drawing the stickers we'd given them for their hard work. At the end of the lesson the walked out one by one and took a hand and lifted it to their forehead which is the ultimate sign of respect. They were incredibly cute but also very clever for their age.

I'm not sure what we'll be teaching them tomorrow. There's a big ceremony on in the village tomorrow so I'm not sure how many kids will be there. I think we'll probably end up just playing games with them.

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