Monday, 8 July 2013

In Sleep

My time volunteering has officially ended and now the travelling part of my trip has begun. I loved working at the kindergarten and quite a big part of me wishes that I'd organised to stay there longer.

We taught in a group of three and would spend the mornings planning and the afternoons teaching. The organisation had a special building with supplies for us to use. The supplies weren't great, but there was lots of paper so we were able to make giant flashcards for the kids. I would have appreciated a photocopier, especially when drawing out a colouring sheet over and over again. 1 for each child plus spares. We covered quite a lot in our lessons and the children were brilliant at picking things up quickly. We taught them class rules (although it meant that everytime one of us would say quiet the entire claSs would repeat back "quiet!" and put their finger to their lips), colours, numbers, animals, fruit and clothes. The were great mostly but clothes proved a bit tricky for them! We got into a pretty good routine of recapping for a bit, then teaching them some new words, playing a game to help them learn the new words and then colouring based on the new vocab. It worked pretty well I think.

On our last day with them we decided to just play games with them because they're only little and they'd worked pretty hard the rest of the time. We played 'duck, duck, goose' but used words that we'd learnt like 'cat, cat, dog' and they loved it! They would scream and giggle so loudly as they ran round the circle. One kid was so fast that he always caught the other person and woukd marched back to his place in the circle with a triumphant look on his face. He was probably the most hard working kid in the class and had his hair with a side parting a greased to stay in place! Everytime we would give the kids a new activity to do, we would get him to come out to the front as an example because he would always pick things up quickly. We also played grandmothers footsteps. Watching them trying to step quietly was hilarious! They would pick their feet so ridiculously high off the ground. We tried to play bulldog as well but they couldn't really grasp it and I think it just descended into a game of tig with lots of people on.

I'm really sad that I've had to leave there as I was enjoying it so much but I'm excited about the travelling now! Today I'm off to see Pura Luhur Ulu Watu which is a temple right on a cliff edge and surrounded by amazing beaches. Can't believe how fast time has flown here - I have less than 2 weeks left already!

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  1. Less than 2 weeks? Omg! That went quick! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!!xxx