Monday, 10 June 2013

Electric Feel

I have had my last shift at work and will hopefully never have to work in retail again! My manager was really sweet though and sorted out an amazing goody bag for me which had make up, perfumes and skincare things inside! To celebrate it being my last day as a customer assistant, Mike came over with a bottle of champagne - might have been overdoing it a bit, but it was a nice thought!

Panic is starting to set in about my trip now. A couple of days ago I convinced myself that I would definitely contract Japanese Encephalitis whilst in Bali and since then have also managed to worry about monkeys stealing my phone and snakes nesting in my backpack. The real and ever-present fear is that I am never going to be ready to leave. My to-do list keeps growing and nothing seems to be getting crossed off.

The plan tonight is to start packing, although I have no idea where to start! I'm taking all of my old scruffy t-shirts but can't pack them because I need them for school this week. I'm working in the reception class and I'm doing painting with them so I come home looking like a twister mat! We're doing textured painting so they have to mix different things into their paint, like soil, sand, flour, and pieces of bark. Then they just all have to slap their mixture onto the cardboard in an abstract way. It comes out looking a bit like this (though the picture doesn't do it justice):

The kids went quite crazy for it and one little boy painted so vigorously that his paint/soil combo spattered up onto my face!

Hopefully the kindergarten out in Bali will have paints and I can do things like this with them. If not then I will go to the nearest shop that sells paint and buy bottles and bottles of the stuff. I'm going to photocopy pages from a colouring book and take them with me alongside boxes of crayons. I know the kids won't be able to speak any English but a language barrier won't get in the way of colouring/painting. 

5 days until departure

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