Wednesday, 22 May 2013

If I Go, I'm Goin'

Things are (very) slowly starting to take shape for this Bali trip! Today I had my injections - Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B which thankfully weren't painful at all. I did still treat myself to a Starbucks afterwards though - I'm going to miss coffee frappuccinos a lot.

The pharmacist who did my jabs for me today was very nice but did mention travelers' diarrhea at least 10 times during our rather brief appointment. It actually became a bit uncomfortable just how many times he brought it up. So, I bought myself a nice Carex moisturising hand sanitiser to keep away all the germs that the little kiddies might be harbouring!

Other things I have bought:
#1. Mosquito repellent: I now have a lifetime supply of mosquito repellent. In fact, I have so much of the stuff I don't know how I'm going to pack my clothes into my bag as well! I'm terrified of Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue Fever and any other diseases those little beasts might give me so figured it was best to stock up.

#2. Phone card: My pay-as-you-go SIM card has arrived so I can take a phone with me just in case. The last time I took a trip without a phone my plane went down (had to put an oxygen mask on and everything!) and I was stranded in London for the night, terrified out of my mind and with no way to contact anyone. So, moral of the story is: always take a phone!

#3. A gap yahh t-shirt: No trip to South East Asia is complete without an awful t-shirt that screams "I'm here to find myself dahhling". I chose a baggy white one with VIBES written across the front. Pretentious much?

#4. A rucksack: Or, to be more precise, a travelpack. I think I caused myself a lot of stress when choosing my backpack because I didn't want one that loaded from the top. Instead, I wanted one that zipped all the way around so that I could actually get to all my things. However, finding what I wanted at a price I could afford/justify was a bit trickier than I imagined. Thank God for Ebay!

Next thing on my "to buy" list is a mosquito net - also more expensive than you would imagine.

24 days until departure.


  1. You've never told me the story of your plane going down!!!

  2. Have I not??! It was when I was flying out to Nepal. The plane took off (it was quite late at night so it was pitch black outside) and we got up to the point where the 'fasten seatbelts' sign got turned off. About a second later the cabin lights shot on, there was a "beeep beeeep beeeep", the oxygen masks all fell down and the plane nosedived. I put my mask on but it wasn't inflated so I thought it wasn't working but apparently some of them just don't inflate. I was so scared and the young man travelling next to me didn't speak any English but held my hand because I was crying. The plane must have only been going down for a couple of seconds but it felt so long. I could see all the city lights rushing up at me. Horrible. We had to stay in the plane and circle around London (still wearing our oxygen masks) for 2 hours to use up the fuel so that if something else went wrong with the plane and we crashed there wouldn't be a huge explosion. I'm still not exactly sure what happened but I think it was something to do with the cabin pressure. Anyway I was put in a hotel and had to fly out the next day, so now I'm pretty terrified of flying!!

    Can't believe I've never told you that!

  3. Bloody hell that sounds terrifying. Can't believe you've managed to fly since!
    At least that's probably all your flying drama over and done with now xxx