Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pistol Dreams

Right. Let's see how I got to this point.

#1. I graduated last summer with a degree in archaeology which definitely qualifies you for absolutely nothing. Shockingly, employers don't respond too well when "good trowelling technique" is listed as one of your key skills on your CV.

#2. I start a primary PGCE in September. I absolutely cannot wait to get started! I got my place a couple of days before Christmas and have been counting down the days until it begins.

#3. In order to pass the time (and to save up a bit of money) before #2 I have been working in a very popular high street shop which seems to be my own personal hell. The long hours, the constant pulling forward and the customers hurling abuse proved too much a few weeks ago and I decided that instead of using the money I've saved up for something useful like a new car or rent I thought I'd blow it on a trip to the other side of the world - Bali!

I knew I wanted to volunteer when I went away so I decided to apply to work with IVHQ. I travelled to Nepal with them for 3 months when I was 19 and, because I had such a good time before, I thought I'd go with them again. I'm going to be volunteering in a kindergarten so my backpack will be loaded up with crayons, colouring books, skipping ropes and anything else fun I can think of to take for the children.

27 days until departure.

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